Reducing Set 32 x 25 mm

SKU: 108016
This 32mm x 25mm Reducing Set is ideal for various fluid transport needs in cities, industries, mines, landscapes, and agricultural settings. Enduring pressures up to 16 bar, its design offers high stress resistance. Easy to install and leak-free, it fits a wide variety of pipes, meeting water quality standards with WRAS approval.

Product Description

This 32mm x 25mm Reducing Set is optimal for transporting water and other fluids in a variety of contexts, including urban and rural infrastructure, industry, mining, landscape and agriculture. Designed to endure working pressures up to 16 bar, it exhibits notable resistance to stress. With a simplistic installation process and a secure, leak-free seal, this fitting enables connectivity with a wide range of pipe types and materials. This product also carries WRAS approval, marking its compliance with water quality standards.

Product Specification

BrandsSpeedfit, FloPlast, Philmac, Plasson, Polypipe, Marley, Flopast
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Diameter (mm)32
Connection TypeCompression