Upvc G.Purpose Duct, 2/54mm, 6m

SKU: 108015
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This 6m long, 2/54mm general-purpose duct is made of durable PVCu material. Predominantly used in civil engineering, it safeguards and hides cables or pipelines. Its striking black colour enhances its visibility. The product meets the standard quality norms of duct systems, promising reliability.

Product Description

This general-purpose duct, measuring 2/54mm and 6m long, is constructed from robust and long-lasting PVCu material. Primarily used in civil engineering applications, it offers an effective solution for protecting and concealing cables or pipelines. Its notable black colour enhances visibility. A product that delivers reliability, it complies with standard quality norms of duct systems.

Product Specification

BrandsMarley, OSMA Wavin, Brett Martin, Polypipe, FloPlast