Copper Pipe Adaptor for 15 x 20 mm Plasson

SKU: 107989
This durable Pipe Adaptor is designed for various sectors, providing seamless connection for mains water pipes from 20mm to 15mm. It creates a sturdy seal, resists sub-zero temperatures and tolerates pressures up to 16 bars. Constructed from long-lasting plastic, it meets WRAS standards, ensuring remarkable durability and versatility.

Product Description

This Pipe Adaptor, crafted to cater to water supply demands in various sectors, like infrastructure, agriculture, and horticulture, is a vital component for connecting mains water pipes. The design enables a smooth transition in pipe connections from 20mm to 15mm. The fitting is thoughtfully designed to effortlessly establish a seal and grip once the pipe is inserted until the stop. Impervious to sub-zero temperatures, its compression fit strengthens its promise of durability. This robust piece, carefully moulded from long-lasting plastic, has been mechanically tested to endure working pressures up to 16 bars. Compliant with WRAS standards, this Pipe Adaptor is a testament to both versatility and durability.

Product Specification

BrandsSpeedfit, FloPlast, Philmac, Plasson, Polypipe, Marley, Flopast
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Length (mm)48
Diameter (mm)20
Connection TypeCompression