Equal Tee Compression Fitting 15mm

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The 15mm Equal Tee Compression Fitting is a multi-purpose plumbing fixture for central heating and all water supplies. With a durable brass finish and a 5-year warranty, it offers longevity and ease of installation without heat or soldering. It's pressure tested to 16 bars for disassembly and reassembly, even on wet pipework. The product is WRAS approved and adheres to EN1254 standards for top performance and safety.

Product Description

This 15mm Equal Tee Compression Fitting is a versatile plumbing item designed for a variety of applications, such as central heating and both hot and cold water supplies. Featuring a durable brass finish and offering a 5-year guarantee, it ensures high durability for long-lasting use. The fitting's key features include easy and hassle-free installation, which is heat-free and requires no soldering. It is pressure tested to 16 bar, allowing disassembly and reassembly as needed. Its flexibility permits remaking even on wet pipework. This product is WRAS approved, providing a quality testament. Moreover, it complies with EN1254 specifications, ensuring top industry standards of performance and safety.

Product Specification

BrandsWavin, Polypipe, Hep2O, John Guest, Speedfit, Geberit, Philmac, Fernco
Width (mm)440
Length (mm)440
Diameter (mm)15
Depth (mm)100
Connection TypeCompression