Solder Ring Fitting Straight Connector 15 mm x 1/2" Tap

SKU: 107930
This 15mm x 1/2" Straight Tap Solder Ring Fitting, made from high-quality copper, gunmetal, or DZR brass, ensures secure plumbing connections. Approved by EN 1254-1, WRAS, and KITEMARK, it features a lead-free solder for quick, reliable fittings. Ideal for various plumbing scenarios due to its durability and consistent performance.

Product Description

This 15mm x 1/2" Straight Tap Solder Ring Fitting is an essential plumbing component. Meeting high-quality measures by being EN 1254-1 compliant, WRAS, and KITEMARK approved, this product ensures reliable and secure connections. Made from premium copper, gunmetal, or DZR brass materials, it features a lead-free solder and an accurate ring of solder for a quick and secure fitting. Suitable for various plumbing setups, it offers durability and consistency in performance.

Product Specification

BrandsWavin, Polypipe, Hep2O, John Guest, Speedfit, Geberit, Philmac, Fernco
MaterialHigh-Grade Copper
Diameter (mm)15
Connection TypeSolder Ring
ApplicationGas & Water
Maximum Pressure16 bar @ 30°C : 10 bar @ 65°C : 7 bar @ 95°C : 6 bar @ 110°C