Mechanical Reducing Coupler 20 x 25 mm

SKU: 107852
The Mechanical Reducing Coupler 20 x 25mm is a WRAS-approved durable plumbing device for connecting water mains in various fields such as infrastructure, agriculture, and horticulture. Guaranteed to withstand up to 16 bars of pressure, it provides a leak-free seal for up to 50 years. This versatile tool, compatible with various pipe materials, has a 'O' ring seal design for additional leak protection.

Product Description

The Mechanical Reducing Coupler, sized at 20 x 25 mm, is a versatile plumbing device ideal for connecting water mains and supply pipes across various applications including infrastructure, agriculture, and horticulture. These high-quality couplers, approved by WRAS, have been extensively tested to endure working pressures reaching up to 16 bars. Noted for its impressive resilience, this reducing coupler ensures a leak-free seal, enhancing the overall system's longevity with its 50-year design life. Its captive 'O' ring seal design offers added protection against leaks over the product's lifetime. Plus, it's easy installation and compatibility with a range of pipe materials make it an essential tool for any plumbing project.

Product Specification

BrandsSpeedfit, FloPlast, Philmac, Plasson, Polypipe, Marley, Flopast
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Length (mm)119
Diameter (mm)25
Connection TypeCompression