Solvent Weld Bend 45° 32mm Black

SKU: 107843
The 32mm 45-degree Solvent Weld Bend, with its robust and heat-resistant design, is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. It features superior UV and fire resistance, meeting the BS EN 1566-1:2000 standard. With its durable construction and efficient solvent weld sockets, it is resistant to various environmental conditions making it ideal for diverse environments.

Product Description

The 32mm 45-degree Solvent Weld Bend is a high-quality product ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Designed to withstand high in-service temperatures, this fitting benefits from superior UV and heat resistance. Its fire retardant qualities not only improve safety but also meet the requirements for standard compliance, aligning with BS EN 1566-1:2000. Boasting a robust construction, the fitting is made to last, offering resistance against environmental conditions when installed outdoors. It features solvent weld sockets for efficient installation and is suitable for use in a variety of environments.

Product Specification

BrandsJG Speedfit, Polypipe, Terrain, FloPlast, Wavin, Hunter
Length (mm)76
Diameter (mm)32
Connection TypeSolvent Weld
ApplicationDomestic use
Maximum Pressure0.5 bar