10mm x 100m Pushfit Barrier Pipe

SKU: 107794
The 10mm x 100m Barrier Pipe is installer-friendly and assures a safe, secure fit. It's lightweight, ideal for drinking water applications, and offers a 50-year warranty for reliability. The packaging features a color-coded intelligent dispenser and an inner wrap for storing unused pipe. Compliant with BS EN 7291 parts 1 and 2 and WRAS approved. Not suitable for gas, oil, or underground supplies.

Product Description

This 10mm x 100m Barrier Pipe brings in convenience, security, and longevity. As an installer-friendly pipe, it simplifies fittings and ensures a secure fit. This pipe system boasts of a 50-year warranty, assuring durability. The pipe is safe for drinking water applications and comes in an intelligent pack dispenser, color-coded for easy identification. The system is lightweight, thus easing transportation. It comes with an inner wrap to hold unused pipe thus saving for future use. The product complies with BS EN 7291 parts 1 and 2 and is WRAS approved, making it reliable and trustworthy. However, please note it's not suitable for conveying gas, oil, or for underground supplies.

Product Specification

BrandsJG Speedfit, Polypipe, Terrain, FloPlast, Wavin, Hunter
Diameter (mm)10
Length (m)100
Connection TypePush-Fit