Layflat Polybutylene Pipe Coil - 15mm x 50m

SKU: 107786
The Layflat Polybutylene Pipe Coil (15mm x 50m) is a lightweight plumbing solution offering remarkable flexibility and ease of installation. It ensures straight uncoiling while mitigating memory coiling issues, simplifies threading through joists for long cable runs, and features a coloured oxygen barrier to prevent air ingress and potential component corrosion. Ideal for tight spots and guarantees safety with easy, non-sharp edge cutting. Comes with a five-year guarantee.

Product Description

This Layflat Polybutylene Pipe Coil is a 15mm x 50m plumbing essential renowned for its outstanding flexibility, making handling and installation effortless. Boasting a soft material, it is perfect for long cable runs and simplifies threading through joists. Its design ensures it remains straight when uncoiled and eliminates issues related to memory coiling. The five-layer pipe features a coloured oxygen barrier at its core, preventing air ingress and reducing potential corrosion on metal components. This lightweight, ultra-flexible pipe is ideal for tight spaces and is easy to cut without leaving sharp edges. Compliant with necessary standards, it comes with a five-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Product Specification

Diameter (mm)15
Length (m)50
Connection TypePush-Fit