22mm x 25m Barrier Pipe

SKU: 107778
A 22mm x 25m flexible barrier pipe designed for secure, leak-free installation with fewer fittings required. Comes with a Smartpack dispenser for straight uncoiling, inner wrap for storing unused sections, is color-coded for easy identification, and guarantees secure joint recognition. Not suitable for gas, oil, or underground supplies. Includes a 50-year industry-leading guarantee.

Product Description

This 22mm x 25m barrier pipe ensures a secure and leak-free connection, thanks to its unique features designed for easy and quick installation. It's a flexible pipe that requires fewer fittings, making it more manageable on site. It also features a Smartpack dispenser, which ensures the pipe comes off the coil straight, and an inner wrap that retains any unused pipe for future use. Please note, this pipe is not suitable for carrying gas, oil or for underground supplies. For easy identification, the product comes in colour-coded packaging. It also offers a secure joint recognition feature for dependable joints. As an affirmation of its quality, this product comes with a 50-year industry leading guarantee.

Product Specification

BrandsWavin, Polypipe, Hep2O, Speedfit, Fernco
Diameter (mm)22
Length (m)25
Connection TypePush-Fit