Plain Copper Coils 10mm x 10m

SKU: 107751
Durable 10mm x 10m plain copper coils, ideal for heating, plumbing and gas installations with its resistance to high temperatures, rust, and pressure. Featuring recycled materials, these British-quality coils provide long-lasting, reliable use. Copper's impermeability also ensures a safe water supply by preventing contamination.

Product Description

These 10mm x 10m dimensions plain copper coils, adaptable for a variety of heating, plumbing and gas installation related tasks, prove their value in both maintenance and new assembly applications. The durable nature of copper makes it an efficient choice due to its resistance to high temperatures, rust, pressure, and fire. Moreover, copper is known to be impermeable, thus safeguarding the water supply from possible contamination. These copper tubes can be utilised universally in plumbing and gas installations, providing a lasting performance over extended periods. Made in Britain according to stringent quality standards, the 100% recyclability of these copper tubes contributes to their environmental friendliness.

Product Specification

Thickness (mm)0.7
Diameter (mm)10
Length (m)10