Brushable Waterproofer for Roofs 5L - Black

SKU: 107297
The Waterproofer for Roofs is a brushable, solvent-based solution, suitable for all common roof surfaces. Its bituminous composition with fibrous fillers serves to bridge gaps and cracks, providing a strong, black waterproof coating when dried. With its 5L capacity, this waterproofer grants remarkable cover and efficiency.

Product Description

This Waterproofer for Roofs, in an easy-to-use, brushable format, offers universal functionality, suitable for common roofing surfaces. It is a solvent-based, bituminous waterproofing solution with a small proportion of fibrous fillers to effectively bridge gaps and cracks. Once dried, it provides a durable, black coating that effectively waterproofs your roof. Its 5L capacity ensures ample coverage, contributing to its overriding practicality and efficiency.

Product Specification

BrandsBlack Jack, Cromar, Everbuild, IKO, Rust-Oleum
Width (mm)179
Length (mm)179
Height (mm)233
Volume (L)5