Instant Waterproof Compound 2.5KG - Grey

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The Instant Waterproof Compound in 2.5KG and grey colour offers a rapid, versatile solution for waterproofing various flat roof substrates. Providing quick application and compatibility with materials such as roofing felt, asphalt, concrete, metal, and rigid PVC, it makes surfaces water-resistant, thus boosting their longevity and durability.

Product Description

This Instant Waterproof Compound, in a 2.5KG quantity and grey colour, serves as a versatile and speedy solution for waterproofing a variety of flat roof substrates. The single coat flexibility allows direct application from the container and ensures its compatibility with an array of materials, including traditional roofing felt, asphalt, bituminous roof coatings, cement, concrete, lead work, metal, brickwork, slate, and rigid PVC. It effectively and immediately renders these surfaces waterproof, thereby providing them with long-term protection and enhancing their durability.

Product Specification

BrandsCromar, Everbuild, Sika, Bond-It, Bostik, Fomo, Mapei, Soudal, Geocel
Width (mm)157
Length (mm)157
Height (mm)157
Weight (kg)2.5