Flashband Grey. Length 10M 225MM

SKU: 107270
This 10m bitumen self-adhesive sealing strip ensures immediate and lasting waterproof adhesion, offering ample coverage for various sealing tasks. It is crafted for standard quality and multi-purpose uses, forming a quick waterproof layer to prevent leakage.

Product Description

This self-adhesive sealing strip is crafted from bitumen, ensuring immediate adhesion for a lasting, waterproof seal. Coming in a length of 10 metres and measuring 225mm wide, it offers ample coverage for various sealing tasks. It complies with standard quality aspects, providing a reliable solution to your sealing needs. Ideal for multi-purpose uses, it forms a waterproof layer quickly, securing the area from leakage.

Product Specification

Width (mm)225
Length (m)10
Dimensions (metric)225mm x 10m