Path & Patio Seal 25L

SKU: 107202
This Path and Patio Sealant is a top-tier, eco-friendly acrylic coating designed to safeguard outdoor surfaces like paths, patios, and concrete from damage due to sun, water, or oil. It's characterized by a smooth, low-sheen finish, slip resistance, and easy maintenance. Its plant-safe, non-flammable make ensures minimal impact on the environment. With a quick dry time of 4 hours, this 25-litre sealant effortlessly enhances the durability and beauty of outdoor spaces.

Product Description

This Path and Patio Sealant is a high-quality acrylic coating specifically designed to protect paths, patios, natural stone, concrete and block paving from sun, water, oil and organic growth damage. This smooth, low-sheen sealant is solvent-free, making it safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent-based alternatives. It provides a hard-wearing, slip-resistant finish that minimises dirt accumulation and promotes easier cleaning. This product is distinguished by its non-flammable property, ensuring it won't harm plants or wildlife when used appropriately. Drying in just 4 hours under optimum conditions, this 25-litre sealant is a practical solution for enhancing the longevity and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

Product Specification

BrandsMarshalls, Stonemarket, Natural Paving, Global Stone
Width (mm)290
Height (mm)470
Volume (L)25