Path & Patio Seal 5L

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The Path & Patio Sealer is a solvent-free acrylic coating providing protection for patios and paths from sun damage, oil, spills, and biological growth. It offers a clear, water-repellent, slip-resistant finish for improved safety, reduces dirt accumulation and simplifies cleaning. This eco-friendly sealer, free of flammables, is safer than solvent-based alternatives and dries within 4 hours.

Product Description

This high-performance Path & Patio Sealer is a solvent-free acrylic coating designed to shield patios, paths, and varying types of paving materials from sun exposure, water damage, oil stains, petrol spills, and biological growth. Upon application, it forms a clear, water-repellent film that provides a subtle sheen and slip-resistant finish for enhanced safety. It also helps reduce dirt accumulation and facilitates easy cleaning. This sealer, devoid of flammable components, is safer to use than traditional solvent-based alternatives and causes no harm to flora and fauna when used as instructed. Ideally, it will dry within 4 hours post-application.

Product Specification

BrandsMarshalls, Stonemarket, Natural Paving, Global Stone
Width (mm)180
Height (mm)290
Volume (L)5