Block Guard Seal 5L

SKU: 107168
Block Guard Seal is a 5L solvent-based acrylic coating for binding jointing sand and providing a protective seal over block paving and similar surfaces. It penetrates deeply, curing into a durable shield that resists weeds, sunlight, water, oil, and petrol damage. Specifically designed for driveways, patios, and paved surfaces, it offers a mid-sheen, non-slip finish, ensuring high quality and durability.

Product Description

This Block Guard Seal in a 5Ltr capacity is a solvent-based acrylic coating, designed to bind jointing sand and form a hard-wearing seal over block paving and similar mineral pavers or flags. It deeply penetrates the paving and jointing sand, curing via solvent evaporation. Once dried, it forms a durable shield that inhibits weed growth and safeguards against damage from sunlight, water, oil and petrol. Best suited for driveways, patios and paved surfaces, it lends a mid-sheen, non-slip finish and ensures quality and durability.

Product Specification

BrandsMarshalls, Stonemarket, Natural Paving, Global Stone
Width (mm)180
Height (mm)290
Volume (L)5