Stiff Bassine Churn Brush

SKU: 107055
An efficient, multifunctional cleaning tool, the Stiff Bassine Churn Brush is designed for heavy-duty tasks, including brickwork cleaning. With its naturally sturdy bassine bristles, it offers enhanced performance and superb value, making it a robust addition to your cleaning kit.

Product Description

The Stiff Bassine Churn Brush is a versatile cleaning tool that boasts of robustness, suitable for heavy-duty use including cleaning down brickwork. Its naturally sturdy bassine bristles contribute to its efficiency and effectiveness in handling multipurpose cleaning tasks. A reliable addition to your cleaning kit, it provides excellent quality and value for money.

Product Specification

BrandsHarris, Stanley, Dulux, Purdy, Hamilton, Silverline, Faithful, Silverline
Bristle TypeBassine