Soft Dust Pan and Brush Set

SKU: 107042
This handy dustpan and brush set, made from resilient plastic and bassine, is designed for efficient, gentle sweeping of light dust. Its deep dustpan and convenient hanging hook offer practicality for daily cleaning tasks and storage. Known for durability, it delivers long-term performance.

Product Description

This is a utilitarian dustpan and brush set, perfect for the effective and gentle clearing of light dust and debris. Featuring soft bristles and crafted from durable plastic and bassine materials, the set offers a practical solution for everyday cleaning tasks. The dustpan is deep enough to hold considerable dirt, while the incorporated hanging hook provides a convenient storage solution. The set is designed for durability, ensuring long-term performance.

Product Specification

BrandsHarris, Stanley, Dulux, Purdy, Hamilton, Silverline, Faithful, Silverline
MaterialPlastic / Bassine