Self Level Floor Compound 20kg

SKU: 106984
This 20kg self-levelling floor compound provides an efficient solution for uneven floors, perfect for use before installing tiles, lino, wood block floors, or carpets. Mix with water or latex for a smooth self-levelling coating that sets in 2-4 hours and is overlay-ready in 8 hours at normal temperatures. Not recommended as a final surface layer.

Product Description

This self-levelling floor compound, packing 20kg, offers an efficient solution to level uneven floors and screeds. Designed for use before installing ceramic tiles, lino, wood block flooring, or carpet, this cement-based compound provides a fine, even layer. Simply mix with water or a suitable latex solution for a smooth, free-flowing self-levelling topping. Once mixed as directed, you can expect this compound to set in 2 - 4 hours, and it is ready for overlaying as quickly as 8 hours at normal temperatures. Please note that this product is not recommended as a final surface layer.

Product Specification

BrandsBostik, Mapei, Ardex, Dunlop, Sika
Width (mm)260
Height (mm)420
Weight (kg)20