Air Brick Black (Each)

SKU: 106486
The sleek black air brick works with a telescopic underfloor ventilator for efficient underfloor ventilation. It can be integrated with cavity sleeves for ventilation through external walls, following industry protocols and delivering premium quality airflow for all spaces.

Product Description

This air brick, sporting a sleek black finish, is designed to work hand in hand with a telescopic underfloor ventilator. It aids in supplying efficient ventilation below suspended ground floors. Additionally, this air brick can integrate with cavity sleeves to channel ventilation through external walls into the interior of your building. It follows all standard compliance procedures and ensures premium quality ventilation for a universal audience.

Product Specification

BrandsWienerberger, Ibstock, Timloc, Forterra, Marshalls, Redland, Terca, Birtley
Width (mm)60
Length (mm)215
Height (mm)69
Depth (mm)69