Telescopic Underfloor Vent

SKU: 106460
This underfloor ventilator is adaptable for up to five brick courses, ensuring optimal airflow in suspended ground floors. It features an inbuilt grille for pest prevention, with vertical adjustability between 225mm-375mm and a requisite minimum cavity width of 50mm. Complies with standard ventilation and delivers consistent, high-grade performance.

Product Description

This is a versatile underfloor ventilator designed to offer sufficient airflow beneath suspended ground floors, adjustable to a depth of up to five brick courses. Featuring a built-in grille, it expertly deters entry from pests. The unit's vertical height is adjustable between three and five brick courses (225mm-375mm), while it requires a minimum cavity width of 50mm. It complies with standard ventilation requirements and ensures consistent, high quality performance.

Product Specification

BrandsManthorp, Hanson, Forterra, Michelmersh, Timloc
Width (mm)205
Length (mm)220
Height (mm)225
Weight (kg)0.451