Wall Stripper 100mm

SKU: 106450
This 100mm Wall Stripper, perfect for home improvement, effectively removes paint and wallpaper with its dual-edged blade. Its long handle provides extra leverage and its angled head ensures user convenience. Ideal for removal of wallpaper and cleaning paint off smooth surfaces like glass, this durable, safe tool is essential for renovation or redecoration tasks.

Product Description

This Wall Stripper, measuring a standard 100mm and equivalent to 4 inches, is the perfect solution for various home improvement tasks. It can effectively remove dry paint from glass windows and scrape off wallpaper with its dual-edged blade design. Featuring a long handle for additional leverage and an angled head for user-friendly operation, this wall stripper is designed for both convenience and efficacy. The dull edge is ideal for wallpaper removal, while the sharp one helps clean paint from smooth surfaces such as glass. Safe to use and durably built, this tool is a must-have for renovation or redecoration projects.

Product Specification

BrandsStanley, Silverline, Harris, Faithfull, Rodo, Hamilton, Purdy, Draper
Width (mm)100
Blade Width100 mm