Chisel Double-bevel Edge Knife

SKU: 106437
This 38mm chisel knife features a hardened steel blade with a dual-beveled edge, perfect for scraping old paint off tough surfaces. The handle ensures a comfortable grip. Meets standard quality requirements making it ideal for a variety of merchants.

Product Description

Featuring a hardened steel blade and a double-bevel edge, this 38mm chisel knife is ideal for scraping off dry and old paint from hard surfaces. Its primary features include a dual-bevelled edge capable of handling tough tasks and a comfortable handle for better grip. This product complies with the usual quality standards and is suitable for a variety of merchants.

Product Specification

BrandsStanley, Silverline, Harris, Faithfull, Rodo, Hamilton, Purdy, Draper
Length (mm)211
Handle MaterialPolypropylene & Trp
Blade MaterialHardened Steel?0.8mm 65mn?
Blade Length38 Mm