Wall Stripper Blades 100mm 10 Pack

SKU: 106422
Pack of 10 versatile Wall Stripper Blades for an effortless removal of wallpaper, paint, and stickers. Compatible with all standard 100mm handles, the rust-resistant design ensures longevity. It comes safely packaged in a dispenser.

Product Description

These versatile Wall Stripper Blades, available in a pack of 10, are ideal for an array of jobs including the removal of wallpaper, paint, and stickers. Suitable for all standard 100mm wall-stripper handles and equivalent to 4-inch blades, they offer effort-free application due to their user-friendly nature. Crafted with rust-resistant properties, these blades ensure longevity, enhancing your toolbox essentials. They come safely packaged in a dispenser, highlighting a practical and secure aspect.

Product Specification

BrandsStanley, Silverline, Harris, Faithfull, Rodo, Hamilton, Purdy, Draper
Height (mm)100