Combination Shave Hook 2.25in

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This 2.25-inch combination shave hook, a versatile tool for scraping dry paint and varnish from surfaces, boasts hardened steel blades for sharp, efficient performance. Comfortable handle for easy use and industry-standard quality makes it ideal for both professional and DIY tasks.

Product Description

This 2.25-inch combination shave hook is a versatile tool ideal for scraping off dried paint and varnish from hard surfaces. Constructed with hardened steel blades, it's designed for unmatched sharpness, offering efficient performance. The shave hook features a comfortable handle, making it simple and convenient to use. It meets industry-standard quality ensuring a reliable and high-performing tool, suitable for both professional and DIY usage.

Product Specification

BrandsStanley, Silverline, Harris, Faithfull, Rodo, Hamilton, Purdy, Draper