9" Gloss Roller Sleeve

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This 9" Roller Sleeve is perfect for applying gloss paint on smooth surfaces, offering great paint retention and minimal splatter. Suitable for all gloss paint types, it guarantees neat and consistent results. It's also easy to clean, making it ready for your next paint project swiftly.

Product Description

This is a 9" Roller Sleeve designed for applying gloss paint on smooth surfaces. Offers excellent retention of gloss paint and minimal splatter, ensuring a neat finish. It's suitable for all types of gloss paint, making it versatile and handy. Being easy to clean, you can quickly get it ready for your next painting project. This product ensures high-quality and consistent results.

Product Specification

BrandsHarris,Faithful, Purdy, Wooster, Hamilton
Diameter (mm)230
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior