Medium Woven Roller Sleeves Quantity 5

SKU: 106365
Set of 5 medium woven roller sleeves ideal for professional painting tasks. Provides a smooth finish on semi-rough walls and ceilings with minimal splatter. Suitable for all interior emulsion types, it offers quick painting, easy clean-up, and substantial paint-holding capacity. Manufactured to high-quality standards for efficiency.

Product Description

This set of 5 medium sized woven roller sleeves is ideal for professional painting tasks, offering a flawlessly smooth finish. Designed to minimise splatter and evenly cover semi-rough walls and ceilings, these rollers are well-suited for all types of interior emulsion. Enjoy benefits such as faster painting, quick clean-up, and ample paint-holding capacity for efficient work. Made with high-standard compliant quality for effective painting experience.

Product Specification

BrandsHarris,Faithful, Purdy, Wooster, Hamilton
Width (mm)228
Diameter (mm)45
StyleMedium Pile
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior
Pile LengthMedium