Mini Rollers Gloss - 4in, Quantity 10

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The set of ten 4-inch gloss roller sleeves allows for a professional finish in painting tasks. Efficient in applying both water and solvent-based gloss, they're ideal for larger surfaces, such as doors. These versatile tools meet industry standards for quality.

Product Description

This set of ten 4-inch mini gloss roller sleeves is perfect for achieving a professional finish on painting tasks. They offer a quick and efficient way to apply both water and solvent-based gloss, making them suitable for large surfaces such as doors. As a versatile tool, they adhere to industry standards for quality and application.

Product Specification

BrandsHarris,Faithful, Purdy, Wooster, Hamilton
Width (mm)100
Diameter (mm)34
StyleMini Gloss
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior
Pile LengthGloss