Large General Block Brush

SKU: 106296
Est. £4.95 - £4.95  + VAT
Large general utility brush, perfect for a variety of painting and wood care tasks. With its broad coverage, natural and synthetic bristles, it ensures a smooth finish and easy cleaning. Features an integrated paint pot clip for user convenience. Ideal for applying different types of paints and wood care products, a versatile tool for any collection.

Product Description

This large general utility brush is perfect for an array of painting tasks and wood care applications. It boasts a broader coverage area due to its size, making it optimal for tackling large surfaces. Manufactured as a block brush with natural bristles, it provides optimal paint pick-up and release for a smooth finish. Additionally, the brush also features synthetic bristles that simplify cleaning post-use. The integrated paint pot clip guarantees user convenience. With its universal use in applying various types of paints and wood care products, this brush is a versatile addition to any tool collection.

Product Specification

BrandsHarris, Purdy, Hamilton, ProDec, Wooster, Stanley, Silverline, Faithfull
Width (mm)135
Length (mm)40
Interior Or Exterior UseExterior
Handle MaterialPlastic
Bristle TypeNatural