Blue Window Protection Film, 100m x 600mm

SKU: 106261
The Blue Window Protection Film (100m x 600mm) offers robust safeguarding for windows against scratches and paint splashes. Easily applied by hand or with an applicator, this waterproof film adheres securely without extra adhesives, leaving no residues upon removal. It features UV protection to prevent adhesive transfer due to sunlight exposure, ensuring immaculate windows. Suitable for both internal and external application.

Product Description

This Blue Window Protection Film, sized 100m x 600mm, offers high-end safeguarding for windows, glazed panels, and window frames. Specifically designed to fend off scratches and paint splashes during refurbishment projects, this film is prized for its robust, waterproof properties. The lightweight rolls, which are forward wound, can be easily applied by hand or using a compatible applicator. The film adheres securely to most surfaces without the need for any additional adhesive, and post-use removal leaves no residual substances - something often associated with lower quality versions. Unique UV protection ensures no adhesive transfer occurs due to direct sunlight exposure, maintaining the pristine condition of your windows. The low tack adhesive promises a clean removal, and the film's waterproof build endures both internal and external usage effortlessly.

Product Specification

BrandsFaithful, Frogtape, 3M Scotch, Everbuild, Tesa, Duck
Width (mm)600
Length (m)100