Standard Protection Fleece 1m x 50m

SKU: 106260
Ideal for maintenance tasks like painting and remodeling, this non-breathable protection fleece offers reliable, 100% waterproof coverage. It can be applied to any surface and easily repositioned and reused due to its lack of adhesion. With its flexibility, it adeptly wraps around objects and protects sensitive surfaces.

Product Description

A non-breathable protection fleece that absorbs liquid and paint is the ideal solution for a range of maintenance activities, including painting and remodelling. Applicable to nearly any surface, its absence of adhesion allows easy repositioning and reusability across different areas. This waterproof fleece is versatile, conforming to various surface types and easily wrapping around awkward objects like desks and balustrades due to its flexibility. Its soft material is perfect for sensitive surfaces, providing reliable, 100% water-resistant protection with the added advantage of reuse.

Product Specification

BrandsFaithful, Frogtape, 3M Scotch, Everbuild, Tesa, Duck
MaterialNon-Woven Fleece
Thickness (mm)1.5
Length (m)50
Width (m)1