Clear Window Protection Film, 100m x 500mm

SKU: 106255
This protective window film, measuring 100m x 500mm, offers secure shielding for windows and glazed panels, particularly during renovations. Lightweight and easy-to-handle, its low tack adhesive ensures a secure grip, eliminating the need for tape. The film is 100% waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and features anti-UV properties. It leaves no residue upon removal, and can be conveniently cut to size.

Product Description

This protective window film offers a robust layer of protection for windows, glazed panels, and window frames. Measuring 100m x 500mm, it's perfect for shielding glass surfaces, especially during renovations. Lightweight and clear, this film is forward-wound for easy handling and application, either manually or with a designated film applicator. Its low tack adhesive adheres securely to most surfaces, eliminating the need for tape. The top-quality self-adhesive film is 100% waterproof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured with anti-UV properties, it prevents the adhesive from transferring onto windows due to direct sunlight. It leaves no trace or residue after removal, distinguishing it from lesser-quality films. Furthermore, it can be conveniently cut to size using a knife.

Product Specification

BrandsFaithful, Frogtape, 3M Scotch, Everbuild, Tesa, Duck
Width (mm)500
Width (m)100