Clear Window Protection Film, 50m x 600mm

SKU: 106242
Top-quality, self-stick Clear Window Protection Film (50m x 600mm) safeguards windows and frames from scratches and paint spills, ideal during renovations. It's waterproof, easily cut to size, and can be applied by hand or with a Window Film Applicator. Low tack adhesive ensures a firm, residue-free grip with anti-UV protection preventing adhesive transfer. Perfect for a clutter-free, safe, and convenient internal and external window protection.

Product Description

This Clear Window Protection Film measures 50m x 600mm and stands as a top-quality self-stick product aimed at safeguarding windows, glazed panels, and frames from potential damages such as scratches and paint spills, particular during renovations. Its waterproof feature guarantees complete protection regardless of the weather or environment. The forward wound rolls are a breeze to handle, apply, and cut to size as needed, either with a dedicated Window Film Applicator or by hand. The low tack adhesive ensures a firm grip on most surfaces without the need for additional tapes and can be removed cleanly without leaving troublesome residue. Its anti-UV protection is a valuable addition, preventing adhesive transfer onto the windows due to prolonged sun exposure. Thus, it ensures a clutter-free, safe, and convenient window protection solution that is optimal for both internal and external use.

Product Specification

BrandsFaithful, Frogtape, 3M Scotch, Everbuild, Tesa, Duck
Width (mm)600
Width (m)50