Masking Tape 50mm x 50m

SKU: 106145
High-grade 50mm wide masking tape. Perfect for brush and aerosol paints, it adheres well to various surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue if removed within one day. Made from sturdy paper, it easily satisfies quality standards of masking tapes.

Product Description

This is a high-grade masking tape with a width of 50mm and a length of 50m, suitable for both brush and aerosol paint applications. The tape is straightforward to apply and tear, adhering well to various surfaces. It leaves behind no adhesive residue, provided it is removed within one day. Made from sturdy paper, this tape meets the quality standards typically associated with masking tapes.

Product Specification

BrandsFaithful, Frogtape, 3M Scotch, Everbuild, Tesa, Duck
Width (mm)50
Length (m)50