Brown Treated Sleeper 100 x 200mm x 2.4m UC3

SKU: 106002
Est. £16.75 - £21.00  + VAT
These robust, UC3 classified brown-treated sleepers (100 x 200mm x 2.4m) are ideal for versatile landscaping, including retaining walls, borders, and raised garden beds. Elevated beds enhance plant yield density and curb weed growth. The sleepers, supplied pressure-treated, boost aesthetic appeal and resist insects, decay, and rot.

Product Description

These robust brown treated sleepers, measuring 100 x 200mm x 2.4m and classified under UC3, are perfect for an array of landscaping endeavours, from constructing retaining walls to defining borders and creating raised garden beds. Such elevated beds can be more yield-rich per square foot as plants can be packed more tightly together, without needing to leave space for walking. This approach not only elevates the density of planting but also helps prevent weed growth by limiting bare soil exposure. Supplied pressure-treated, these sleepers are designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal while offering resistance against insect infestation, fungal decay, and rot.

Product Specification

Width (mm)250
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)125
TreatmentUC3 Pressure Treated
Weight (kg)30.23
Dimensions (metric)125mm x 250mm x 2.4m