Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid, 30 Minutes, 750g

SKU: 105861
This high-quality, moisture-curing Polyurethane Wood Adhesive sets hard in 30 minutes and is suitable for bonding a range of materials including various types of wood, Formica, foams, metal, glass wool, plastics, and even stone or concrete surfaces. With excellent weather and ageing resistance, it's ideal for interior and exterior construction or repair tasks. It also foams slightly on application, filling gaps for stronger bonds, and offers exceptional chemical resistance.

Product Description

This Polyurethane Wood Adhesive in liquid form is a high-quality, single-component adhesive that cures upon exposure to moisture. It sets hard within 30 minutes. Suitable for bonding all types of wood (hard, soft, painted, and exotic), it can also adhere to Formica, polystyrene, PU foam, metal, glass wool and various plastics, including PVC, to porous surfaces. It has excellent adhesion to materials such as stone, concrete, brick, and masonry, making it a versatile choice for both interior and exterior applications due to its excellent weather resistance and ageing properties. This adhesive is perfect for construction or repair tasks related to windows, doors, and furniture, amongst others. Additionally, it foams slightly upon application, filling small gaps to enhance the overall bond strength (meets EN 204. D4 standards). Once dried, it offers exceptional chemical resistance.

Product Specification

BrandsUnibond, Gorilla, Evo-Stik, Everbuild
Width (mm)80
Height (mm)220
Volume (L)0.75
Weight (kg)0.75