Concrete Bull Nose Edging 50mm x 200mm x 915mm

SKU: 104327
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This 50mm x 200mm x 915mm concrete bullnose edging is robust and accurately crafted for commercial applications. It adheres to British Standards, ensuring quality and safety, and provides versatile profile options including round, flat, bullnose, and square. With a weight of 20kg per unit, it boasts durable construction.

Product Description

This concrete bullnose edging, measuring 50mm x 200mm x 915mm, is designed for reliable and sturdy usage in various commercial applications. Crafted to a standard concrete finish, the edging is both robust and accurately made using a hydraulic press for superior durability. It adheres to British Standards, illustrating its quality and safety. Its profile options include round, flat, bullnose, and square, providing versatility for different needs. With each unit weighing 20kg, it exemplifies sturdy and tough construction.

Product Specification

Width (mm)200
Length (mm)914
Thickness (mm)50
StyleBull Nose
Weight (kg)20
Colour FamilyGreys