Mortar Plasticiser 25L

SKU: 104321
Plasticiser is a multi-use retarding waterproofer and plasticiser, ideal for covering large areas in a single application. It prevents water penetration while ensuring a smooth, workable mortar for applications like rendering, roughcast, pebble dashing, and waterproofing. The 25L plasticiser enhances workability by entraining air, perfect for various construction tasks.

Product Description

Plasticiser is a versatile product with a slow setting time, making it perfect for covering large areas in one application. It acts as a retarding waterproofer and plasticiser, reducing water penetration without creating a vapour barrier. This ensures a smooth, workable mortar ideal for a range of applications, including rendering, roughcast, pebble dashing, harling, and above-ground waterproofing. Enhancing workability by entraining air, this 25L plasticiser is a reliable choice for various construction tasks.

Product Specification

BrandsCementone, Blue Circle, Hanson, Sika, LaFarge, Breedon
Volume (L)25