Half Battered to Bullnosed Left Hand Drop Kerb - 125x255mm to 125x150mm

SKU: 103922
This left-hand drop kerb, precision-manufactured in the UK, provides a durable, cost-effective solution for various architectural needs. It's designed with a half-battered to bull-nosed finish and is suitable for pedestrian and vehicular use. Compliant with BS EN 1340-2003, it's produced with local material and up to 23% recycled content, making it a sustainable choice. The kerbs integrate easily with other products and have a slip-resistant finish and consistent quality, ensuring safety and longevity.

Product Description

Discover this durable left-hand drop kerb, precision-manufactured to meet various architectural needs. These kerb stones, designed with a half-battered to bull-nosed finish, are made using a hydraulic pressing process to ensure longevity and a consistent appearance. Suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular applications, these kerbs provide reliable edge restraint. Compliant with BS EN 1340-2003, they are manufactured in the UK from locally sourced materials, making them a sustainable choice. These kerbs can integrate seamlessly with a range of other products, with minimal cutting required. They offer a cost-effective kerbing solution that's built to last and features up to 23% recycled content. Plus, with their cast surface finish, they have a low potential for slip, enhancing safety.

Product Specification

Width (mm)255
Length (mm)914
Thickness (mm)125
Colour FamilyGreys