British Standard Bull Nosed Concrete Kerb 125mm x 255mm x 915mm

SKU: 103917
Compliant with British Standards, our bull-nosed kerbs offer exceptional longevity, making them perfect for managing pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Produced in the UK from locally sourced, sustainable materials, they conform to BS EN 1340-2003 dimensions, integrate effortlessly with other products, and contain up to 23% recycled content. Their low-slip cast surface finish enhances safety, making them an economical and durable solution.

Product Description

Our bull-nosed kerbs conform to British Standards, offering long-lasting performance for various architectural designs. Made with precision, these robust concrete kerbs utilise a hydraulic pressing process for consistency in appearance and longevity. They can be deployed for controlling pedestrian and vehicular traffic effectively. Made in the UK using locally sourced materials, these kerb stones comply with the BS EN 1340-2003 dimensions. They integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of our other offerings with minimal cuts. Cost-effective and durable, these kerbs comprise up to 23% recycled content. Equipped with a cast surface finish, they have low potential for slip, making them a safe and sustainable solution for your kerbing needs.

Product Specification

Width (mm)255
Length (mm)914
Thickness (mm)125
StyleBull Nose
Colour FamilyGreys