Half Battered Angle Internal Brindle Line

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The Half Battered Angle Internal Kerb Line, with its unique slanted-edge design, enhances the aesthetics of any landscape and pairs well with all types of block paving and soft landscapes. Available in multiple colours, it allows for unique patterns and rejuvenating designs. A variety of auxiliary shapes such as radii, droppers, and angle stones add functionality to its style, making it an ideal solution for various paving tasks.

Product Description

This Half Battered Angle Internal Kerb Line boasts impressive versatility and is an ideal accessory for numerous paving tasks. The edging stone, with its unique slanted edge design, can dramatically enhance the appearance of any landscape, even the more shadowy ones. It comes in a variety of colours which offer great flexibility in creating unique patterns and invigorating underfoot designs. Aiming to complement widely-used block paving designs, this kerb line adds sharp detail and an alternative aesthetic to ordinary kerb styles. Moreover, it works seamlessly with any type of block paving, decorative aggregates, and soft landscapes alike. Alongside the primary edging stones, a variety of auxiliary shapes like radii, droppers, and angle stones can be used to ensure functionality while maintaining visual appeal.

Product Specification

StyleHalf Battered
Colour FamilyReds