Small Bullnosed Red Kerb Pack 200mm x 100mm x 127mm

SKU: 103882
The 200mm x 100mm x 127mm compact bullnosed kerb pack is an adaptable addition to your garden path or driveway. Expertly made from durable concrete, these smooth, rounded edging stones act as effective boundaries and can construct landscape features. Flexibly designed for laying in various orientations, offered in four styles: standard, radial block, and 90-degree internal and external angles.

Product Description

This compact bullnosed kerb pack, measuring at 200mm x 100mm x 127mm, is a versatile addition to any garden path or driveway. Expertly crafted from robust concrete, these edging stones serve as an effective boundary between decorative aggregates and paving. With their smooth, rounded finish, these kerbs can complement any style of driveway and property type. They can also be utilised to construct steps or other landscape features. Boasting flexibility, these kerbs can be laid in various orientations. This item is offered in four variations: a standard style, a radial block, a 90-degree internal angle, and a 90-degree external angle.

Product Specification

Width (mm)127
Length (mm)100
Thickness (mm)125
StyleBull Nose
Weight (kg)1320
Colour FamilyReds