Non-Setting Sealant 300g

SKU: 103505
The Non-Setting Sealant, perfect for use with metallic threaded joints and compliant with BS EN 751-2 Class B, safeguards against corrosion in materials like aluminium, brass, and steel. Ideal for natural gas and LPG pipework, the sealant works within -20C to 125C temperature range, allows immediate joint assembly and pressure testing, and is vibration-resistant. Compatible with foam forming leak detectors.

Product Description

This Non-Setting Sealant, perfect for metallic threaded joints, is a high-quality product that does not corrode materials such as aluminium, brass, copper, low carbon steel, and zinc. It's ideal for use in natural gas and LPG pipework. Its non-setting feature allows joints to be assembled and pressure tested immediately, proving its effectiveness in being vibration-resistant. Moreover, it's compatible with foam forming leak testers and it falls in line with the BS EN 751-2: 1997 Part 2 Class B standard as independently tested by BSI. The sealant operates efficiently within the temperature range of -20C to 125C.

Product Specification

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