Double Hinged Pipe Clips 15mm

SKU: 103497
UK made, robust double hinged pipe clip for 15mm pipes, crafted from durable high-grade polypropylene. It features a resilient hinge, 360-degree pipe support, and a self-locking top. Installation is simplified by a single central screw fixing. Its design guarantees secure support and outstanding durability.

Product Description

This double hinged pipe clip, suitable for 15mm pipes, provides firm and secure support thanks to its robust design. Produced in the UK from high-grade polypropylene, the clip ensures durability and a solid fit for your piping needs. It comes with an integral hinge that is incredibly resilient, capable of withstanding flexion over a million times without breakage, courtesy of its long chain molecular structure. The clip also provides comprehensive 360-degree pipe support and features a self-locking top for added security. An added benefit of these double pipe clips is the single central screw fixing, making installation simpler and more efficient.

Product Specification

BrandsArmitage Shanks, Pegler, Polypipe, Rothenberger, Speedfit