Landscaping Hex Exterior Green Screws 6.7mm x 125mm - Box of 50

SKU: 102872
This set of 50 green landscaping hex exterior screws (6.7mm x 125mm) emphasizes durability and resilience, ideally designed for timber-to-timber uses. As an alternative to coach screws, they are covered with a patented, multi-layer corrosion-resistant plating that can endure 1,000 hours of salt spray tests, perfectly suited for outdoor applications.

Product Description

This box of 50 landscaping hex exterior screws which are green, measuring at 6.7mm x 125mm, are ideal for timber-to-timber applications. These screws, primarily designed as an alternative to traditional coach screws, are coated with a patented, multi-layer corrosion resistant plating. This high-quality plating ensures the screws can withstand 1,000 hours salt spray tests, making them perfect for external uses.

Product Specification

BrandsSpax, Bullet, Forgefix, Apollo, Fischer, Timco
MaterialCarbon Steel
Length (mm)125
FinishExterior (Green Organic)
Diameter (mm)6.7
Head TypeHex Flange