Grooved/Reeded Treated Timber Decking Board 29 x 124 x 3600mm (Fin. 26 x 120mm)

SKU: 102680
This decking board, made from sturdy Scandinavian redwood pine, measures 26mm x 124mm x 4.8m and is built to last 15 years. Kiln-dried and treated with Tanalith 'E' for resistance against rot, fungi, and moisture, it withstands water and ground dirt. Can be clinched, planed, drilled, and sawed, making it perfect for a variety of projects. Responsibly sourced for assured quality and reliability.

Product Description

This decking board is crafted from robust and durable Scandinavian redwood pine and measures 29mm x 124mm x 4.8m. To ensure a long service life of 15 years, it is high pressure treated for resistance against rot, fungi, and moisture. Additionally, this board is treated with an effective preservative, Tanalith 'E', and kiln-dried to improve stability. Designed to resist water and protect against ground level dirt, this versatile board is ideal for various projects as it can be clinched, planed, drilled and sawed. Sourced responsibly, the quality and reliability of this timber decking board is assured.

Product Specification

MaterialTreated Softwood
Width (mm)124
Length (mm)3600
Thickness (mm)29