High Tensile Bolt, Size M8 x 80mm

SKU: 102679
The product is a grade 8.8, fully threaded M8 x 80mm set screw known for its diverse applications and high tensile strength, providing high durability and resistance. Please note that nuts aren't included.

Product Description

This is a fully threaded set screw, sized M8 x 80mm, of high tensile strength. It's a grade 8.8 bolt, known for its vast range of uses in diverse applications. Please note: nuts are not included with this bolt. As a standard feature, this item offers high durability and resistance due to its high tensile properties.

Product Specification

MaterialCarbon Steel
Length (mm)80
FinishZinc Clear Cr3
Diameter (mm)8
Head TypeHex
Fastener TypeM8