Pine Quadrant Moulding 6 x 6mm x 2.4m

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Est. £1.84 - £1.84  + VAT
The Pine Quadrant Moulding (6mm x 6mm x 2.4m) effortlessly elevates your interior space with a refined finish. Easy to install using adhesive, pins, or screws, it pairs well with varied timber products for diverse DIY tasks. Crafted under stringent quality standards, it maintains precision in measurements. Suitable for internal use, it features lightweight, strong, straight-grained softwood - a cost-effective, high-quality choice for construction projects.

Product Description

This Pine Quadrant Moulding measuring 6mm x 6mm x 2.4m, provides a smooth and classy touch to your interior spaces. Boasting easy instalment using either adhesive, pins, or screws, these mouldings enhance any home décor with sleek finishes. Coming from a versatile product line, these Quadrants pair splendidly with a variety of timber products for varied DIY ventures. Crafted under strict quality guidelines, our mouldings always maintain precise measurements. Ideal only for internal use, these mouldings feature lightweight, resilient, straight-grained softwood, proving cost-effective whilst delivering exceptional quality. Pine, revered for its elasticity and strength, is indeed an excellent choice for myriad construction projects.

Product Specification

Width (mm)6
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)6
Dimensions (metric)6mm x 6mm x 2.4m
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior