Carriage Bolts & Nuts, BZP, M12, 110mm

SKU: 102669
Carriage Bolts & Nuts, size M12, length 110mm with bright zinc plating (BZP) are strong, durable options for secure timber-to-timber joinery. Ideal for bolting joists, rafters, or fencing, they provide robust stability to timber structures, conforming to standard quality guidelines.

Product Description

These Carriage Bolts & Nuts, created with a bright zinc plating (BZP), are designed to secure timber structures in place firmly. With a size of M12 and a length of 110mm, these fittings are ideal for diverse uses, such as bolting joists, rafters, or fencing. Characterised by their robustness and durability, these bolts and nuts ensure secure timber-to-timber connections, conforming to standard quality guidelines.

Product Specification

Length (mm)110
Diameter (mm)12
Dimensions (metric)12mm x 110mm
Fastener TypeM12